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With regular income from remote work, you’ll enjoy a revolutionary kind of freedom. Work from home and be available for family obligations. Celebrate Casual Friday every day (aside from those important zoom calls and video conferences, of course)!

Take advantage of all the time you’ll have to spare and devote it to something more meaningful, like exercise and a healthy, balanced diet. Or become a Digital Nomad and travel where and when you want without having to take time off for your adventures.

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People are more productive working at home than people would have expected

Some people thought that everything was just going to fall apart, and it hasn’t.

Mark Zuckerberg
Remember to enjoy the freedom

of being able to work from anywhere and the flexibility to adapt your work to your life rather than the other way around

Alex Muench
Think about it this way:

If you can create a three-hour chunk of non-distracted work time in your house, you will be more productive than the average office worker.

Sharon Koifman