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Co-working Spaces VS Working From Home

When it comes to a remote job, there are certain environments where remote workers can perform at their best. But knowing the best workstation is not always straightforward. Many firms have discovered that their employees can work productively when there is more flexibility regarding work location.

The adoption of remote work practices worldwide has led to an increase in coworking spaces. CoworkingResources projects that these spaces will be more than 40,000 by 2024. The majority of people who work from home often set up a workplace in the house. However, many are not as effective in their remote work as they want to be. This begs the question: is it better to work from home or in coworking spaces?

Well, each of these settings offers unique pros and cons. While many people opt to set up a home office, others prefer to work from coworking spaces. Today, we explore these two working environments to help you realize which best suit your overall productivity and lifestyle for the Roaming Talent jobs.

Understanding Coworking Spaces and Working From Home

Almost every remote worker loves to perform office work in their pajamas. After all, nobody wants to compromise on their comfort level. That is the reason every remote job worker needs to have a better understanding when it comes to choosing between coworking spaces and working from home.

If you are confused about the right working environment for your digital nomad lifestyle, we’ve got you covered. Below is a short comparison between the two options. So, let’s get started.

  • Ease of Work

There is no doubt that workers prefer their comfort zone while performing office tasks. No one wants to step out into the heat or cold to visit their offices daily. Instead, everyone prefers to remain at home and work from their home office. But, guess what…you cannot have a good working environment in your house if there are random distractions.

In some cases, all family members will be around you, even when working in a separate room. This will disturb your ease of working from home. Thus, to cope with this problem, most remote job employees opt to work from a coworking space near their location.

The primary reason behind the increased demand for coworking spaces among the workers is the availability of an office-like environment. Unlike working from home, you don’t have to struggle to maintain a pleasant work environment.

  • Availability of Privacy

Privacy is a top priority for many people who prefer remote jobs. In the office, workers can carry out their tasks while maintaining privacy. But when working from home, family members can pop into your home office in the middle of a meeting. That makes it quite hard to have a professional look or working environment. Therefore, it’s not an easy task to create a private environment at home for your remote job.

In particular, working from home becomes very challenging when you want to get enough privacy to join office meetings or work together remotely. Home is also not a good option when you want to hold remote conference meetings.

That is why people who want complete privacy to work effectively prefer going to coworking spaces. They consider coworking spaces the best option to boost their productivity and maintain their focus.

  • Motivation Factor

There’s no doubt that motivation is the most important factor that keeps employees productive in their work. There are high chances that one will feel motivated by having other workers around you. When you are working from home, usually there is no one working around you. As an employee, you might easily feel demotivated when you are not stepping out of your home or seeing your fellow employees working with the same morals.

Thus, there is not even a single chance to get enough motivation to win your boss’s trust. Compared to working from home, coworking spaces seem to offer the motivation you need to maintain productivity. A study by Harvard Business Review showed that 84% of the surveyed remote workers said working in coworking spaces improves their motivation.

Regardless of the type of work that you perform remotely, coworking spaces are no doubt the best option for any remote job. They offer an environment that promotes the productivity and effectiveness that any employer expects from remote employees.

That said, let’s now take a look at some unique advantages of coworking spaces.

Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces provide a good working environment to enable remote workers to perform their remote jobs effectively. Experts suggest that a coworking space can meet all your demands in the most distinctive ways. Below are some key benefits:

  • Cost-Efficiency

Not everyone working from home is capable of hiring an office for work purposes. Furthermore, many remote workers may not be comfortable with paying regular bills or expenses when they rent an office. So, the solution to this challenge is to visit coworking spaces.

Of course, coworking spaces usually charge their users a certain fee for using their space and services. But their fees are far less compared to what you would pay for an office. In addition, coworking spaces have various facilities, which they charge reasonable fees.

  • Opportunity to Collaborate

Another amazing benefit of choosing a coworking space, your best option for any remote job, is the opportunity to collaborate with other business people. Coworking spaces offer strong and professional networking opportunities that can be great sources of business and work referrals. If you are looking to expand your professional network, begin visiting coworking spaces. 

Coworking spaces provide users the chance to start meaningful and impactful conversations. This can lead to an increase in working proximity. You can even have the chance to collaborate with persons having the same interests as yours. Coworking spaces are also a good option if you want to meet people who can help you generate new business ideas.

  • Client-Friendly Environment

Remote workers including freelancers working with global companies are at times required to attend meetings at odd hours. Coworking spaces come in handy when it comes to facilitating meetings, whether during the day or at night. They are the best solution for those who cannot work from home due to noise or other distractions. You will have the opportunity to spend hours in meetings without getting interrupted at all.

  • Availability of Accessories

Not everything is available when you are working from home. There is a greater need for printers, chairs, desks, and other office accessories when you decide to do a remote job. So, are you going to buy all these essentials for improving your comfort zone? Maybe not! You may find a place having all these things at once.

So, in this regard, coworking spaces are the best places to visit. They are equipped with office accessories to help you perform all your work. These spaces have nice office desks, chairs, electricity supply, high-speed internet, printing devices, and more. With all these accessories, you can work effectively and meet your targets on time.

  • Boost in Creativity

Your mind works faster when you are working in an environment more like your office. It can be really difficult to perform some remote jobs in an environment that doesn’t promote creativity. If your job demands a lot of creativity, you should consider looking for a nearby coworking space. Working from these spaces will help to boost your productivity to greater levels.

The coworking space environment is designed to facilitate everyone to perform their best. Coworking spaces allow members to meet people who can boost their creativity and guide them on the best ways to generate innovative ideas.

  • Availability of Bigger Screens

Not everyone loves to work on smaller screens of laptops when they are doing any remote job. The primary reason behind this is their habit of performing their tasks on larger or clearer screens. So, it is not always possible to integrate large screens to enjoy working with the big pixels in homes.

But you should never worry when you have the option of coworking spaces. They have large screen devices that help users perform their job in no time.

  • Availability of Tea-Break

In addition to all the other benefits of coworking spaces, you will love this one if you love taking breaks in between working sessions. When you work in homes, you don’t get the opportunity to take breaks most often. Even if you give yourself some break, you have to make tea or coffee yourself.

Now, no need to get up from your seat and spend several minutes preparing your snacks! When you work in Coworking spaces, you can enjoy your favorite snacks in no time. Some cafeterias provide their best services to satisfy your cravings during work sessions.


Even though coworking spaces can benefit every remote worker, some people still prefer to work from home. It all depends on your choices and preferences. But if you want to perform a remote job but don’t want to work from home, look out for a coworking space near you.

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